Sep 2, 2012

sugar rush

this is more like a photo diary for the last month or so ;) 
ready? cause this is a pic overload lol! 

Caketini cupcakes
flavors left to right
Salted caramel, snickerdoodle, lemon raspberry
cookies n cream, pina colada, smores 

fresh flowers ;)

and more flowers!!!

coffee run ;)

mexican market
the treats :D

I really think presentation is everything :)

ready to sample w mom & sis

 paired w frothy milkshake Kahlua shots  :)

organizing my glossy guilty pleasure

fixin dinner -sandwich making is as fancy as I'll get lol!


let's make smores

time to walk it off

feeding the soul ^_^

loving high ponies lately
neon nails -hello! 

and now, eye candy time...

Jimmy Choo

love her!!

I could seriously be ice-cream poisoned haha!

playing make up Ft. the NAKEDS by Victoria's Secret
best eye shadow palette ever! $28 (usually sold out in stores)

I hope you liked this post ;)

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