Jun 4, 2012

Recipe: Home made rice crispy treats

Ideal for a tea party with girlfriends ;) the easiest yet yummy recipe for classic rice crispy treats 

You will need:
- 6 cups plain rice crispy cereal
- 4 cups (1 bag) of baby marshmallows
- 3 tbsp buter or margarine
- rectangle cake mold lined with wax paper
- spatula
- stainless steal mixing bowl
- paper crinkle cups (optional)

melt butter at low temp., than add the marshmallows and mix well making sure they are coated with the butter
 keep stirring until you get a creamy mallow mixture (key is to keep stirring so the marshmallows don't get burnt)
 turn heat off than add the rice cereal and incorporate well together 
 pour the mix on your pre-waxlinned mold 
 than disperse the mix along the mold and flatten the top with your spatula
after 10 min the mixture should be cold, you should be able to cut with a butter knife or use cookie cutters for different shapes 
*tip: place them on paper crinkle cups for easy serving ;)

I hope you liked this post, as you know I love making treats and baking almost as much as shopping lol!

all photos by me

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