May 31, 2012

Spring's clay

Today's post is a casual outfit I put together after drawing inspiration from Marie Claire's May issue "Most wanted" that insists we go on a safari through clay tones, camouflage and animal prints... I added  a neon pink bra for a fun/feminine/flirty touch to an edgy look that pretty much sums up my style ;) the funny thing is a couple of day's ago I found this camo-skirt (key piece to my outfit) while doing my annual closet clean up, where I go through everything in my closet and donate items I haven't worn in a year surprisingly enough I bought the skirt like 3 years ago and some how it had escaped my yearly cleanup two years in the row cause I hadn't worn it since, needless to say I made it my point to wear it so I no longer had to get rid of it ;P
Sweater and skirt forever21, Steve Madden pumps, Ralph Lauren belt, YSL sunglasses and Louis Vuitton purse.

I hope you liked this post and thank's for reading!!

Photos by Lupita Monroy

1 comment:

  1. Love your blog and your outfits, you have a new follower now :o)


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