May 11, 2012

Preparing for my sissy's Prom ♔

Heels worthy of a Queen!!
My gorgeous baby sister!!
It's all about making memories!!
The last couple of weeks have been lots of fun to share with my little sister as she graduates from High school this year! she is in the top 20 students of her graduating class and has always been an A+ student (couldn't be more proud to share) plus she recently got the great news that her Senior English paper was graded at 100% and she was the only one to receive this grade in her class, -How amazing is that?!!
also she decided to run for Prom Queen and my family and I absolutely support her choice, we believe that in life we must take chances and go for anything we really want no matter how big or small it may be the most important thing is to share our goals and celebrate achievements with those we love!

I leave you with the campaigning materials we worked on, 
she is now one of the 3 finalists; voting will take place tomorrow night at her Prom ;) fingers crossed!! 


P.S. I am all about the GLAM details!!! 
**if you think the heels are amazing wait for the dress :D so exciting!! ( hopefully she'll let me share pics afterwards) 

fun sister pic :)

Thank you for reading!!

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