May 11, 2012

DIY Mother's day gift she'll ❤

photo via Pinterest *collage and all other photos by me :)
A few weeks ago some of my girlfriends and I got together for a fun outdoors crafty day as every month we each get to host a craft-day, when it was my turn I decided to go with one I had previously pinned into my MUST DO! board on Pinterest 

The girls and I agreed it would make a lovely Mother's day gift she can place on her desk, coffee table, kitchen, pretty much any spot around the house in need of a little interior decor love ❤ 
The best part; it's so easy you'll be done in no time, perfect last minute idea!

You'll need:
-A glass jar (the deeper the better, you know for the soil, but wide enough for planting)
-Potting mix 
-Pebbles or rocks (we used aquarium gravel for a fun pop of color, they even had neon pink!) 
-Diverse succulent plants 
-And anything you can scoop out the potting mix and gravel with

What we did:
1.Place a mix of the soil and potting mix in the jar about 1/3 of the depth in your jar, than dig little wholes where you want to place the plants.
2.Carefully remove the succulents from the pot, since the leafs falloff easily grab them from the roots to place in your jar. Use any remaining soil to finish plantation.
3.Scoop the gravel or pebbles on top the soil to secure your plants and voilà! You are done :D

Caring for them:
Is best to water them once a week since there are no wholes to drain excess water, we don't want to over water them. Good thing is since the base is clear you can easily tell if the soil is dried-out so water as needed. 
The best way to go when watering them would be with the help of a straw to avoid splashing the glass jar since you can't really wipe off the water stains and lastly, sun bathe them every once in a while so they are properly fed.

*Hint: you can do a nice hand written CARE FOR ME card ;)

The finished result from our crafty day!

And at home :)

-yay! sun-rays

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