Sep 7, 2011

About my blog's theme...

I would like to start by writing how grateful I am for everyone who has come across my blog J’adore ma belle vie, whether you choose to follow it, read my posts or just visit to get styling inspiration, I want to thank you for the support. Like many other bloggers I use this source to share what I am most passionate about.

I am fascinated by Paris, it is well known as the world’s capital of Fashion so for starters that is why the name of my blog is in french. I love the romanticism of the city and it's language as well as it’s artistic expressiveness, perhaps because those are two qualities I identify myself with. 

My personal style which I would describe as fun, flirty, feminine and edgy is the inspiration for my outfits ;) I love to mix and not match pieces to make a unique outfit, because to me personal style allows us to stand out as individuals and tell the world who we are without the need of words, is a language everyone understands.

My mojo: Fashion is a way of art in a great extent and as such not all art is for everyone but that does not stop us from being able to admire it.

Thank you for reading!

❤ Mishelle

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